The Language of Dance Center Inc. was founded in 1997 as a result of Language of Dance related work growing internationally. It is based in New York City, with contributions made from staff situated across the country. In order to serve as a Center for communication and exchange of ideas through the Language of Dance method, the Language of Dance Centre Inc. regularly organizes Foundation Level, Stage I, II and III Language of Dance certificated courses and other collaborative projects. LODC USA also produces and distributes Language of Dance teaching resources in North and South America. Tina Curran is Director of LODC USA and co-authored of the second edition of the Language of Dance textbook, Your Move, The Language of Dance Approach to the Study of Movement and Dance. Susan Gingrasso is Associate Director and members of the core team are Heidi Weiss, Oona Haaranen, Teresa Heiland, Jessica Lindberg and Kerry DiLeonardo.

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