1 May 2018

Stage 1 Language of Dance Fundamentals – April 2018

Stage 1, the first of our three certification courses that lead to becoming a Language of Dance Specialist, is an intensive two-week course that comprises of both practical and theory lessons, and it is based on the first half of the book ‘Your Move’, by Ann Hutchinson Guest and Tina Curran.

Each day began with a warm-up, which contained elements of the chapter being covered. This was followed by a movement exploration, introduction to symbols, work on the reading studies and creative activities. The revision session at the end of each day included working through the homework sheets, questions and discussion.

All participants demonstrated a clear understanding of the Language of Dance approach and of the concepts covered throughout the course, and successfully gained the Stage 1 certificate.

Congratulations to:

  • Alison Whyte
  • Ann-Marie Fields
  • Paola Piccato

Paola Piccato practicing a reading study