16 Feb 2018

Symbols and Systems at the V&A

Valerie Farrant led two excellent workshops for members of the public to explore the Movement Alphabet and Ann captivated the audience with a fascinating discussion on dance notation systems and her work on Nijinsky’s score for his first ballet “L'Aprés-midi d'un Faune”. All events were held in the magnificent Raphael Gallery. It was incredible to see such a majestic but unusual setting for dance being filled with people exploring the Movement Alphabet through Valerie’s instructions and eventually creating their own movement phrases.

We were impressed at how well the public responded to being invited to take part in the workshop, when events of this nature usually just involve a passive, distracted look at what others are doing, and it was great to have so many people of different ages and backgrounds join us and dance away!

As always, it was a great pleasure to listen to Ann speak about dance notation and her invaluable work on deciphering Nijinsky’s notation system, which allowed her to reconstruct his “L'Aprés-midi d'un Faune”.

If you are interested in finding out more about Language of Dance, the Movement Alphabet and our creative workshops, we will be holding a few more free introductory events in the next months. Stay tuned for dates and details!