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Named after its originator, Rudolf Laban, Labanotation is the system for recording movement on paper.  First published in 1928, the system has since been highly developed through use by many practitioners in a wide range of movement styles and disciplines all over the world.

The Language of Dance® Series aims to expand the literature of dance through publication of the Labanotation scores of key works that cover a range of dance styles and dance periods.  The series includes works by Arthur Saint-Léon, Ted Shawn, Vaslav Nijinsky, Antony Tudor, Anna Sokolow, and Kurt Jooss.

Understanding of the Labanotation score is enriched by study and performance notes, which provide an aid in exploring the movement sequences and bringing the choreography to life.  Whenever possible historical background, biographical information and additional detail of value to researchers and dance scholars is included.

The Advanced Labanotation book series supplements Ann Hutchinson Guest's definitive textbook on the subject, Labanotation. Each book is a step-by-step guide, explaining in depth the symbols, rules, current usage and conclusive theory of the Labanotation topic under investigation. Practical examples and figure illustrations are included.

The series is aimed at students and practitioners of Labanotation at all levels, from the elementary stage to those undertaking advanced academic research.