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Language of Dance and Disability

Language of Dance® (LOD) is an incredibly effective aid in teaching dance to students with disabilities and for use by dance teachers and choreographers with disabilities. The Motif symbols used in LOD are a core feature of The Simpson Board, which is the result of a significant project that provided the means for profoundly disabled students to be more fully involved in thinking about, understanding, and creating dance.

The Simpson Board consists of colour-coded diagrams, words and Motif symbols laid out on an A3 laminated sheet and comes with a user-friendly booklet. The information on the Board is dance-specific, consisting of body and movement concepts and illustrations.

As a tool, the Board has proven to be extremely useful in the choreographic process in giving voice to those who cannot speak, developing precision, communication skills and self-expression, and fostering creativity. In mainstream dance education, it is invaluable for anyone teaching choreography or notation.

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