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Dance Moves Project

LOD projects in schools

The ‘DanceMoves’ project inspires children’s creative talents and improves wellbeing.  Movement activities help to: increase motivation; build self-esteem; foster a positive attitude to learning; encourage ownership of work, teach effective communication skills; promote team working; support life skills; and keep children physically fit.

We deliver this programme in nurseries and primary schools both within school time and as an extended hours activity for children aged 3-11 years old.
‘Dance Moves’ has been operating in the London Borough of Waltham Forest, Tower Hamlets and Hackney and has provided over 1200 children with dance activities.  For schools located in LOD projects in schoolsunderprivaledged areas of East London we seek funding to provide these activities free-of-charge or at a reduced rate.

Feedback from the project included:

“The Language of Dance® provides music and dance classes to our children in a challenging, fun, exciting and interesting way.  The children feel that they can be successful and are willing to move in creative ways to explore the space around them.  I feel that the listening, recall, controlled physical movements, sharing and building on each week’s learning has been enjoyable and beneficial to our children in a variety of ways including confidence, self-esteem and their enjoyment at school.” Angela Kerr, Hillyfields Primary School EYFS Co-ordinator, London Borough of Waltham Forest

“Pupils are engaged and enthusiastic about the dance session which has a positive benefit on their demeanour and the whole learning environment.”
Clare Henwood, Arts Therapist, Gwyn Jones Primary School

Lawdale Primary

“This project has been a phenomenal success. The children have thoroughly enjoyed it and have developed key skills of movement, listening, collaboration, performance and stage craft. They have become more aware of their bodies and how they can interact with others, including finding space and respecting personal space. They have also developed a maturity to work in mixed gender groups.
Paul Anderson, Teacher, Lawdale Primary School

“The children have thoroughly enjoyed the years work and have grown in confidence and team working”
Kim Dalton, Activities Coordinator Wellington Primary School

What do children think of Dance Moves classes:

Dance Moves Festival 2013

“I love it when we make up our own dances.
Primary School Pupil aged 10

“It is one of my favourite sports.”
Primary School pupil aged 8

“It has inspired me to do more dancing.”
Primary School Pupil aged 8

“I get to be myself dancing.”
Primary School pupil aged 9

“I like learning symbols ..... it is fun and exciting.”
Primary School pupil aged 8

“My favourite thing is the dance because I worked in a team with my friends”
Pupil aged 8

“I learnt that dancing is awesome”
Pupil aged 8

“It was very fun. Now I’m Braver”
Pupil aged 8

Dance Moves Festival

Thank you to our funders for making this project possible

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If you feel your school could benefit from a class like this or would like to find out more about this project then please do not hesitate to Contact us.