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GCSE and A Level

An Introduction to Motif Notation

book coverAnn Hutchinson Guest 2007

Description: The purpose of this book is to provide a simple introduction to Motif Notation as used in the Language of Dance® movement exploration.  An in-depth study of Language of Dance requires time, but use of the Motif symbols can begin at an elementary level and be applied as needed in each situation. It is anticipated that this book will be a welcome guide for those becoming interested in using Motif Notation. Note that Motif Notation is also called Motif Writing. Some do still refer to it as Motif Writing as well as Motif Description.

Hard Copy (includes P&P UK) £12.50
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Language of Dance Choreo Cards:

book cover

Description: These small cards can be used to choreograph movement phrases which can then be developed further. Three sets are available. Set 1 covers the basic actions and their most familiar variations. Set 2 includes more specific actions which allow for more complex choreography. Set 3 deals with supporting on various body parts, pictures are on the reverse of the cards to represent the symbol.

Choreo Cards Set 1: Hard Copy (includes P&P UK) £20.00
Choreo Cards Set 2: Hard Copy (includes P&P UK) £20.00
Choreo Cards Support Body Parts: Hard Copy (includes P&P UK) £12.50
Buy all three sets of Choreo Cards Hard Copy (includes P&P UK) £50.00

Your Move-A New Approach to the Study of Movement and Dance

book coverAnn Hutchinson Guest and Tina Curran, 2007

Description: This second edition of a well-known text book now offers an integrated package including an audio CD with student exercise sheets offered separately. The author takes a new approach to teaching notation through movement exercises, thus enlarging the scope of the book to teachers of movement and choreography as well as the traditional dance notation students.

Hard Copy (includes P&P UK)


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Your Move Exercise Sheets

book coverAnn Hutchinson Guest and Tina Curran, 2007

Description: Individual Student worksheets to accompany the Your Move (2nd Edition) Textbook

Hard Copy (includes P&P UK) £17.50
PDF Download £12.50

Motif at a Glance

book coverCompiled by The Language of Dance® Centre London 2000

Description: Motif at a Glance! is a mini flip-chart dictionary of symbols derived from Labanotation to use in the Motif Description of movement.  Classified and tabulated for quick reference, it provides the answers to notation questions which arise while studying dance or reading or writing a Motif score.

Hard Copy (includes P&P UK) £12.50

16 Bar Blank Sheet

This 16 bar blank sheet can be used for your students to write down their own scores.

16 Bar Blank Sheet Free Download PDF