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A History and Development of the Labanotation System

book coverAnn Hutchinson Guest 1995

Description: Knowledge of the past helps us to understand the system more fully, to appreciate its present form.  Such knowledge may also obviate time spent on bright ideas of 'a better way' regarding a usage, ideas which had long ago been discarded for practical reasons.  Thes equence in presentation of the various items is basically chronological, starting with Laban's 1928 explanations.

Hard Copy (includes P&P UK) £15.00
PDF Download £12.50

Advanced Labanotation Issue 1 Canon Forms

book coverAnn Hutchinson Guest and Rob van Haarst 1991

Description: Canon Forms shows how to write in Labanotation the choreographic device of canon often used in stage choreography. It analyses different forms of canon and shows how they have been applied in choreography by Balanchine, Taylor and in movement choirs in Germany in the 1930's. This material gives insight not only into canon structure but also in how such complex movement for more than one performer is handled and laid out on paper.

Hard Copy (includes P&P UK) £25.00

Advanced Labanotation Issue 2 Shape, Design, Trace Patterns

book coverAnn Hutchinson Guest and Rob van Haarst 1991

Description: Shape, Design, Trace Patterns is the first source text in this aspect of Labanotation since it was introduced into the system in 1979. It shows the application of design drawing and the use of shape in pantomime gestures, in the handling of props and in choreography such as The Green Table by Kurt Jooss.

Hard Copy (includes P&P UK) £25.00

Advanced Labanotation Issue 3 Kneeling, Sitting, Lying

book coverAnn Hutchinson Guest and Rob van Haarst 1991

Description: Kneeling, Sitting, Lying is a comprehensive manual for writing movement when the body is not supported on the feet. Not only does it analyse in great detail how one can get up from lying, lie down from standing, roll from sitting onto the knees, etc., and how these movements are notated, but it also offers a complete survey of Labanotation rules about distance, timing, systems of reference, weight distribution and floor contact that apply to Labanotation as a whole and underlie and writing of 'floorwork'.

Hard Copy (includes P&P UK) £30.00

Advanced Labanotation Issue 4 Sequential Movements

book coverAnn Hutchinson Guest and Joukje Kolff 2003

Description:Sequential Movements shows how to write a successive movement in Labanotation, a movement that flows from one part of the body to another in succession, passing from joint to joint, or from vertebra to vertebra. It analyzes different forms of sequential movements, including the body wave often used in early modern dance. The book also shows how the notation has been applied in recording exercises and compositions by Shawn, St. Denis, and Humphrey.

Paperback (includes P&P UK) £25.00

Advanced Labanotation Issue 5 Hands, Fingers

book coverAnn Hutchinson Guest and Joukje Kolff 2003

Description: The notation of hand movements ranging from broad general statements for the whole hand to detailed descriptions that necessitate defining use of a particular surface or edge of a specific joint or segment.

Paperback (includes P&P UK) £25.00

Advanced Labanotation Issue 6 Floorwork, Basic acrobatics

book coverAnn Hutchinson Guest and Joukje Kolff 2003

Description: This issue completes the theory relating to movements on the floor, supporting on various body parts and transitions between such supports. It also gives a full account of revolutions of the body and their recording in Labanotation and offers many reading examples from choreography that feature particular floorwork actions.

Paperback (includes P&P UK) £25.00

Advanced Labanotation Issue 7 Centre of Weight

book coverAnn Hutchinson Guest and Joukje Kolff 2003

Description: Center of Weight explores the possibilities of recording in Labanotation movements in which placement of body weight is of particular importance: balancing, shifting weight, leaning and falling. It includes many examples from modern dance technique.

Paperback (includes P&P UK) £25.00

Advanced Labanotation Issue 8 Handling of objects, props

book coverAnn Hutchinson Guest and Joukje Kolff 2003

Description: The description and notation of various different types of objects, such as sticks, fans, swords, ribbons, and candles, and the ways in which they can be held or manipulated with the hands or other parts of the body.

Paperback (includes P&P UK) £25.00

Advanced Labanotation Issue 9 Spatial Variations

book coverAnn Hutchinson Guest and Joukje Kolff 2003

Description: Specific details on a range of aspects of movement. These include finer intermediate directions, greater variations in writing paths of gestures and paths across the floor, defined intermediate distances, specific minor movements, motion versus destination, orientation according to various systems of reference, and defined areas and locations on stage.

Paperback (includes P&P UK) £30.00

Advanced Labanotation all Issues

book coverBuy the complete set of Advanced Labanotation Books Issues 1-9

Paperback (includes P&P UK) £200.00


No.1 The Flower Festival in Genzano: Pas de Deux

book coverText and Labanotation by Ann Hutchinson Guest 1987

Description: Bournonville's pas de deux from The Flower Festival in Genzano, an important example of the Romantic Ballet heritage, is brought to life through the use of Labanotation. This sophisticated means of analyzing dance music preserves the choreography in its original form. Handed down over the years from person to person, the pas de deux has not always been danced in the true Bournonville tradition; now it can be danced in its original form and style. Publication of The Flower Festival pas de deux will mark a first in making available to students the actual choreography. Detailed information is provided on the training system, which is of great value to both students and dance researchers.

Paperback (includes P&P UK) £32.00 Sold out

No.2 Shawn's Fundamentals of Dance

book coverText and Labanotation by Ann Hutchinson Guest 1988

Description: Regardless of the dance form a pupil may choose, there are certain skills which all dancers must acquire such as co-ordination, muscular strength, elasticity and the ability to move musically and rhythmically. Shawn's Fundamentals of Dance provides easily understood notated exercises as an introduction to generic dance forms. Exercises defining a range of dynamic qualities are linked into a series of sequences that allow students to progress from basic exercises to choreographed movement. This book gives access to the works of one of the great pioneers of modern dance. Ted Shawn's work has stood the test of time in providing a fundamental approach to dance for beginners.

Paperback (includes P&P UK) £32.00 Sold out

No.3 Nijinsky's Faune Restored

book coverText and Labanotation by Ann Hutchinson Guest and Claudia Jeschke 1991

Description: Nijinsky's score of his first ballet, L'Après-Midi d'un Faune, lay unused for nearly 40 years after his death because nobody could read it. In 1987 Dr. Ann Hutchinson Guest and Dr. Claudia Jeschke "broke the code" of his notation system and thus made the choreography he had notated available for revival. Subsequent performances of the restored Faune have been acclaimed for their beauty and subtlety. This third volume in the Language of Dance series presents Nijinsky's ballet as he himself recorded it in 1915. Translated into Labanotation, this authentic version is now available to dance students, teachers, scholars and researchers. Included are the historical background, the chronology of Nijinsky's performances of Faune, Nijinsky's production notes, analysis of the choreographic style, detailed study and performance notes, guidelines on learning and teaching the ballet, research problems encountered in the transcription and revival, and a comprehensive explanation of Nijinsky's notation system with examples from his score.

Paperback (includes P&P UK) £30.00

No.4 Tudor's Soirée Musicale

book coverText and Labanotation by Ann Hutchinson Guest 1993

Description: The death of the internationally celebrated choreographer Anthony Tudor made the ballet world aware of the importance of preserving his works to enrich future generations before it was too late. Soirée Musicale, the first Tudor ballet to be made available in published form, provides access to this delightful piece to dancers, dance students, as well as teachers, historians, researchers and scholars concerned with the art. It is vital that Tudor's heritage be kept alive as an essential part of dance education and scholarship. Soirée Musicale is a charming, lively piece, well-suited to classroom study as well as stage performance. Although technically demanding when performed up to full tempo, the dances allow a degree of personal interpretation and expression which can surmount technical problems. In the book the full Labanotation score is accompanied by detailed study and performance notes, historical background and photographs which provide the flavor of this much-loved piece.

Hard Back (includes P&P UK) £50.00 Sold out
Paperback (includes P&P UK) £32.00 Sold out

No.5 Ballade by Anna Sokolow

book coverText and Labanotation by Ray Cook 1993

Description: Sokolow's Ballade catches her in one of her poetical and lyrical moods. Doris Hering, dance critic for Dance Magazine, captured the mood of the piece when she wrote at its premiere "… fleet piece d'occasion woven of the restlessness and inconclusiveness of young love …" In Ballade Sokolow has her dancers play the old game of youth and its discoveries. Constantly referred to as mistress of gloom and doom, Sokolow expressed delight at the choice of Ballade for this series for it shows another side of her work often overshadowed by the power of her masterpieces such as Dreams, Steps of Silence, Lyric Suite and Deserts.

Hard Back (includes P&P UK) £50.00 Sold out
Paperback (includes P&P UK) £32.00 Sold out

No.6 La Vivandière Pas de Six

book coverText and Labanotation by Ann Hutchinson Guest 1994

Description: The Pas de Six from La Vivandière is the only ballet preserved intact from the glorious period of the Romantic Ballet. Because it was recorded in detail by the choreographer Arthur Saint-Léon in his own dance notation system, it could be revived faithfully for audiences to enjoy and students and scholars to study. The historical background of the piece - the period, the choreography, the style - has been provided by world renowned ballet historian Ivor Guest. The study and performance notes, which provide a guide to understanding and reviving the ballet, are the result of productions of the work for professional companies. Publication of the ballet in Labanotation, makes the choreography accessible internationally to researchers, students, teachers and dancers. While the steps are technically challenging, the ballet is an excellent piece for students to dance, thereby gaining insight into the true Romantic Ballet style.

Hard Back (includes P&P UK) £50.00 Sold out
Paperback (includes P&P UK) £32.00 Sold out

No.7 Robert le Diable - The Ballet of the Nuns

book coverAnn Hutchinson Guest and Knud Arne Jürgensen 1997

Description: The first ballet blanc translated into Labanotation from the notes of the Romantic period choreographer, August Bournonville, with historical and performance notes as well as a selection of performance photographs. Robert le Diable - The Ballet of the Nuns offers an opportunity to study of one of the most epoch-making works in European ballet history. Based on the choreographic notations made by the great nineteenth-century Danish choreographer, August Bournonville, this spectral dance scene has been recreated by Dr. Knud Arne Jürgensen and recorded by Ann Hutchinson Guest with the precision afforded by Labanotation. With study and performance notes supported by extensive historical source materials, the book not only enables us to unearth a hitherto lost ballet from the Romantic period, but also represents the most accurate possible reflection of the very pulse of Romantic Ballet.

Hard Back (includes P&P UK) £50.00
Paperback (includes P&P UK) £32.00 Sold out

Kurt Jooss' The Green Table

book coverWritten and compiled by Anna Markard; Edited by Ann Hutchinson 2003

Description: No other 20th century ballet has achieved such worldwide renown, has been more unanimously acknowledged as a choreographic masterpiece, or proved more timeless than The Green Table, the ballet by Kurt Jooss, which won the 1932 International Choreographic Prize in Paris. This is the first publication of the entire choreography in Labanotation, together with the annotated rehearsal music. Set in two parts, the book also includes the historical background, performance and production history, extensive study and rehearsal notes, and a wide selection of photographs spanning 65 years of performance, as well as technical information, biographies, and a complete list of works by Jooss.

Hard Copy (includes P&P UK) Sold out

Fanny Elssler's Cachucha

book coverAnn Hutchinson Guest 1981

Description: The Cachucha created a furore when Fanny Elssler introduced it to Paris in 1836, and was danced by her all over Europe and in America. This book contains a fully detailed score of the dance in Labanotation, together with a simplified verbal description and articles on its history and its reconstruction

Paperback (includes P&P UK) £27.00