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Notated Dances and Dance Techinques

A Selection of National Dances

book coverLabanotation by Ann Hutchinson Guest 1991

Description: The aim of this book is to document clearly a selection of these dances, to make available interesting and varied reading material for students of Labanotation.  The nine dances selected provide a wide range of steps and movement qualities from all over Europe and show flexibility of the Labanotation system in presenting dances either as set choreographies, a series of motif to be combined freely or a set version with variation.  Both couple dances and circle dances are included, most suitable for social dancing and for a more theatrical presentation.


Hard Copy (includes P&P UK) £15.00
PDF Download £12.50

Limon-Based Modern Dance Technique

book coverAs taught by Jennifer Scanlon Labanotated by Ann Hutchinson Guest, 1995

Description: The material in this book was taught by Jennifer Scalon in March 1979 for one of Ann Hutchinson Guest's Langugae of Dance classes at the Teacher Training College of the Royal Academy of Dancing in London.  The aim of these notated sequences which are supported by verbal explanations is to provide useful and rewarding dance material for students and teachers.

Hard Copy (includes P&P UK) £15.00
PDF Download £12.50

Minuet - Don Giovanni

book coverChoreographed by Zachary Solov Orginal Notaion by Susan Kaufman and Helmut Kluge Edited by Ann Hutchinson Guest, 1991

Description: The aim of this publication is to make this an enjoyable dance available to all who are interested.  The movements are simple and can be danced with grace and authority.  The score of this minuet has been notated as for one couple but is accompanied by floor plans showing the formations as used originally in Zachary Solov's dances for the production of Mozart's opera Don Giovanni.

Hard Copy (includes P&P UK) £10.00
PDF Download £7.50

Two Mexican Dances

book cover

Description: The dance, Las Chiapanecas is to a tune familiar to many.  Chiapanecas are girls from Chiapas, a once remote part of the southermost Pacific coast state of Mexico.  Once a serious dance, with foor stamps instead of hand claps, it became more of a courtship dance, quite lively, coquettish and even humorous in certain steps.



Hard Copy (includes P&P UK) £10.00
PDF Download £7.50

Schillinger Graph Method of Dance Notation

book cover

Description: The "Graph Method of Dance Notation" was written by Joseph Schillinger in 1934.  At the suggestion of the Dance Crtiic of the New York Times, he sent it to Walter Toscanini in Milan.  Schillinger was very interested in Dance, and this small work was a favourite item in his vast output of writings.



Hard Copy (includes P&P UK) £10.00

16 Dances in 16 Rhythms

book coverTed Shawn 1985 (revised edition)

Description: Shawn's 16 RDance in 16 Rhythms was first published in 1956.  This book provides a valuable ink between dance and movement classes.  When meter (time signitures) and other musical facts of life are being explored, learning these dances provides a valuable bridge.  These 16 Dances should be part of the equipment of every dancer.
Accompanied by sheet music for the 16 Dances.

Hard Copy (includes P&P UK) £15.00

The Bournonville School-Part 4

Edited by Kristen Ralov

Description: As said by Herbert Kummel - The Dance Notation Bureau: 'The great tradition of the Bournonville technique is much too important an aspect of our dance heritage to be entrusted to the memories of dancers. Kristen Ralov and Ann Hutchinson Guest must  be commended by all people concerned with the future of dance for meticulously documenting this technique in Labanotation. Through Labanotation, 'the mother tongue of dance', it will become a available to every teacher, choreographer, and artist for all time.'

Hard Copy (includes P&P UK) £37.00

Modern New York Jazz

Ray Cook 1983

Description: Labanotation documenting the Modern Jazz style of New York. With terminology and notation for movements.





Hard Copy (includes P&P UK) £12.50

Lyric Jazz Dances

Composed by Rose Lorenz, Labanotation by Ann Hutchinson Guest, Autography by Nancy Harlock 1986

Description: Labanotation of 8 Lyric Jazz Dances. Includes 'True Love', 'Alley Cat' and 'The  Hustle'.





Hard Copy (includes P&P UK) £12.50

Fact Sheets

Dr. Ann Hutchinson Guest has been involved in a number of reconstructions of historical dance pieces, read the facts sheets here

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