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Special Education Needs

Language of Dance Flashcards: Movement Building Blocks

book coverCompiled by the Language of Dance® Centre

Description: Set 1: Movement Building Blocks ­ a set of 23 flash cards showing symbols for the basic elements of movement.

Hard Copy (includes P&P UK) £15.00
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Create a Dance Pack

book coverDescription: An introductory pack for creating dances using Language of Dance Symbols

Hard Copy (includes P&P UK) £7.50
PDF Download £5.00
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LOD Cube

book coverDescription:The Language of Dance Cube is made of soft foam with a durable vinyl cover measuring 16.5cm, designed to prevent marking or scratching of floors. There are clear vinyl windows on each side to serve as a pocket to insert Language of Dance cards. The cube can be used for games, warmup exercises and to create choreography. Symbols included: Body Shape, Stillness, Travel, Rotation, Flexion, Extension, Spring and Balance.

LOD Cube and Cards (includes P&P UK) £20.00

Floor Spots

book coverDescription: These versatile vinyl floor spots are ideal for controlling movement and position. The floor spots have a textured back to keep them in place. One of each colour red, yellow, blue, green, orange and violet.

Floor Spots (includes P&P UK) £17.50

Recommended for Teachers

An Introduction to Motif Notation

book coverAnn Hutchinson Guest 2007

Description: The purpose of this book is to provide a simple introduction to Motif Notation as used in the Language of Dance® movement exploration. An in-depth study of Language of Dance requires time, but use of the Motif symbols can begin at an elementary level and be applied as needed in each situation. It is anticipated that this book will be a welcome guide for those becoming interested in using Motif Notation. Note that Motif Notation is also called Motif Writing. Some do still refer to it as Motif Writing as well as Motif Description.

Hard Copy (includes P&P UK) £12.50
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